October 30, 2008


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  1. I'm not so sure that it's a good idea to show a swastika when someone is talking about Fascism. National Socialism (under Hitler) and Fascism as conceived before the rise of Hitler are really two different things.

    Even though the swastika was borrowed from other cultures, it will now and forever be associated with Nazism and Hitler; a belief mutually exclusive from the economic idea of Fascism.

    Nader was talking about the economic idea of fascism. He was not implying that wall street was littered with Nazis.

  2. I am grateful for getting a chance to see the Ralph Nader talk. The experience moved me profoundly. At first it felt like a disturbance, because I had been settled on voting for Obama for some time. I enjoyed the prospect of participating in the very real collective joy at the first Black American president, etc. The vote had become something I was doing on a relatively unconscious level, for the moment "belonging" with the collective hope people are vesting in him. I had forgotten that I had had no interest in Obama because he never talked about what is really the problem, the truth that is always inconvenient. There is a way in which the truth out there (so rarely spoken or heard in mainstram America) gets equated with the truth of myself, and as I disregard one, I disregard the other. When I realized, watching CameraWar TV this morning, I had to vote for this man becuae he was speaking the truth, it was a significant letting go, with some fear attached. Would I have voted for Ralph if I lived in a contested state? My friends will be shocked, even though my vote is no threat to Obama's victory in NYS. To explain my decision to them gets me into such a personal area, how the act of voting for Ralph is exactly like standing up for myself, for my personal worth, I would even say for my own "splendid divine soul" which is so despised in the culture I live in. To stand up for myself/vote for Ralph is a transgressive act. I picture myself keeping the fact a secret. I voted for the candidate of my choice. I exercised my freedom. It felt wonderful. And I once again I felt as if I had confrmed my identity as an outsider in my
    own country. (I think everyone needs to become an outsider in this way; its the only way belonging makes sense!)
    With gratitude (because I had not heard or read anything of Ralph's courageous campaign),

  3. Ever since the idea was circulated that Nader caused the loss of Al Gore eight years ago, Nader has been largely ignored in the popular media, except recently, when Fox news chose to have him on because he used the phrase "Uncle Tom" when questioning the likelihood that Obama will really create change. (look the context up online, I don't want to get into that).

    I find it interesting that Fox news suddenly asks tough questions of candidates like Nader in cases like this, but doesn't ask the tough and often obvious questions of conservative candidates.


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