October 26, 2008


A video from Andres Duque

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  1. Gene Simmons says "Americans, we don't want to be the police of the world" Still, there is an unsettling feeling on that phrase when said on a fancy television set with the maked-up interviewee. Do americans feel like Gene Simmons? I remember years ago, talking to an american film director who maybe, naïvely (definetely not ironic) told me that Bush will find a solution and put Hugo Chávez out of the international scene and save my country. I'm venezuelan and not chavist, but I told him: "Well, let's hope he starts by finding solutions to your country problems".

    But why do we people around the world feel that "arrogance" from americans, apart from its politic agenda. Is it something told on school? Is it United States issues the only consented problems to the world? Why is this heroic identity so deep in their genes? Is it Hollywood fault? There is so many people around the world with their own problems and who doesn't even have access to Media and they don't even care about american problems, because they are attending basic problems like surviving. For them there is no such word as "tragedy", only songs remains in their thoughts...

  2. well, watching the video i asked myself how could humanity survive during thousands of years without america, greatest empire of the world and of history?? how did it arabs, romans, greeks, chinese, mayas, etc. without the powerful nation of america? gene, america (north only, of course!): thanks for having me rescued of all the dangers of the world! and for intervening in all the conflicts around the world just for your kindness and your compassion with no other interest than saving lives of civilians. thanks!

  3. I love you, my dear andrés. great video as allways!


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