October 19, 2008


A conversation is a perfect film subject.

Around the table : Claire Simon (French director), Scott Foundas (critic) Luciano Rigolini (Artist and TV producer), Kim and Orin Domenico.

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  1. It was filmed at the Alba Film Festival in Italy...

  2. More specifically, was this in someone's private residence?

  3. It was in a great restaurant called LA CONTEA

    If you are in Neive, a little town in the province of Cuneo, then make a point of visiting this restaurant.
    La Contea is located in a centuries old house in the heart of this historic little village near the medieval church. The restaurant, with it's frescoed ceilings and old fireplaces, really takes one back to the Piedmont of yesteryear.

    The food is traditional Piedmont cooking at it’s finest. Tonino and Claudia, the husband and wife owners, really have produced a restaurant that is a true celebration of centuries of Piedmont cuisine.

  4. Fantastico! Sounds wonderful. I'll definitely add it to my list of "things to do" when I actually get to Europe.


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