September 26, 2008


Would it make a difference if people knew why the Federal government is giving away taxpayer’s money to Wall Street? I went to Wall Street to see if I can film what was in fact invisible, the truth.

Sound Recording : Bette Wanderman.

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  1. hi Lech..long time. this seems like an exciting project..excruciatingly exciting. i will certainly follow you. are you on Twitter? i'd be glad to promote you there if you have an account. Heather

  2. Lech,

    The first four episodes come together beautifully. The Wall Street beginning is really scary, the corporate labels on everything and everyone, the tabloid headlines, the emotionally empty media voices reading the news; it all works to establish a framework for the entire project. The Why episode (Chap 2 is certainly the place to begin with our part of the story). Third Act comic relief from Blackie the dog and then a great Act 4 with the end of the world comment tying it all together. Great start!

  3. Aleksandar NedeljkovicSeptember 30, 2008 at 11:34 AM

    Great work Lech, and an excellent concept for Camerwar! Very refreshing. I'm looking forward to new episodes. BTW I think that excavator on Wall Street is still digging, and the hole is a little deeper every passing day, maybe you need to make series out of it :-)


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