September 25, 2008


we (should) own our image(s)

The 21st century started with a sigh of relief when a predicted computer glitch that had threatened to wreak havoc around the world failed to materialize. The media trumpeted Francis Fukuyama’s thesis that history was at an end and we were about to enter into a steady safe environment that would leave the conflicts of the previous century behind. History however, was not about to be put to sleep so easily. The events of 9/11 and its aftermath have brought the past roaring back with a vengeance.

The vastly complex issues we now face are “out of proportion” to what can be addressed in a single, traditional movie. Reality itself has to be re-arranged to make sense of our world. Theatrical distribution of such an undertaking would be impossible and the television networks are bought and paid for by the very corporations that are complicit in the crisis – thus, CAMERAWAR.TV.

New "film chapters" are posted on this site every Monday. A director’s blog with viewer comments accompanies each entry. Later we will release a film in cinemas and this Internet site and the film, together, will tell a new kind of story currently unavailable to the public.

Lech Kowalski

Producer Capricci Films: Thierry Lounas
Producer Extinkt Films : Odile Allard
In Charge of Production : Mathilde Trichet
Subtitles : Odile Allard and Mathilde Trichet

Remerciements: Kevin Bartelme, Alessandro Signetto, Luciano Barisone, Cyril Neyrat, Pascale Cassagnau

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  1. Sounds Greaaaaat!

  2. Hello,

    I'm a brazilian filmmaker newly formed digital cinema. I've read about on an issue of the ARTPRESS 2 journal.

    First of all, I'd like to congratulate you for the initiative of bringing the immages back to the peoples hands. I find it really important to us to find new ways of thinking cinema. proposes a very sincere way of making films politically - and, of course, sometimes of making political cinema to.

    I don't know if someone still read and answer comments, but I have great interest in debating algu8ns episodes of the proposal in terms of aesthetics and discursive intentions.

    Thank you for your excellent work and I hope we see more proposals like this come up on the Internet.



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