August 16, 2009


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  2. Lech - I have to dissociate myself w/ this project - it's a total contradiction from your original 1994 pitch to Joey and myself as an audition tape - this is making a total mockery of Joey and exploiting his memory - I consented for you to use this footage w/ one proviso - that it not be exploitive or make us look like a clowns - Joey and I singed releases 15 yrs. ago - please remove our names - and use fictitious names - and do NOT use this in any profit making venues - as this was not the project in which we singed-up for. You made a gentlemen's agreement - please keep it - a reminder that I did not sign a release for footage shot in 2008 - this is a gross display and I am deeply hurt - and feel sick to have this before the world - Joey is gone and I am the only one left to fight for his memory - and for you to title the latest chapter "true love" shows bad taste - I truly thought of you as friend - friends don't do these kinds of things - Bless you Lech


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